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InScan Limited is always on the search for people with creative and exceptional way of thinking.

InScan Limited offers:
- A challenging work environment
- A home for personal and professional growth

If you see yourself as a leading professional in your domain, and you consider yourself as qualifying for one of the positions listed below, you are welcomed to send your resume to indicating in the subject line the title of the desired position.

Open Positions:
  Vision Algorithm Engineer
  Location: Suzhou, China
  Responsibilities: Taking part in the research and development of cutting edge
  vision algorithms.
    1.  Msc or PhD in Computer Science or a related field, specializing in Vision
         and / or image processing.
    2.  A minimum of 2 years experience of algorithm development in the
         field of Com puter Vision.
    3.  Fluent in matlab, C++
  Software Engineer
  Location: Suzhou, China
  Responsibilities: Design, development and maintenance of complex real time and   distributed software system.
    1.  Bsc or Msc in Computer Science or a related field.
    2.  A minimum of 2 years experience in one or more of the following fields:
    3.  Real time systems.
    4.  TCP/IP networking.
    5.  Efficient implementation of vision and image processing algorithms.
    6.  Software control and integration of hardware devices.
    7.  Fluent in C++/CLI, C# and the .net platform.
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