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FI-6 Series – Manual Single Side Final Inspection AVI System
InScan FI-6 is a compact and high performance manual single side AVI for Final Inspection of PCB boards.

System advantages include:

  • Fast and easy job setup
  • Performing job setup is fast and easy. The setup is based on golden board and CAD data which greatly simplifies the setup process. Additionally, the setup process is fast and intuitive and can be completed in less than an hour.

  • High throughput
  • The FI-6 series inspects and processes a single side board sized 210X300 mm is less than 18 sec.

  • Superior interline high resolution CCD sensor
  • The state of the art sensor used by the FI-6 system enables both ultra fast scan times and high image quality.

  • Single sided board inspection
  • The system's design includes one high resolution interline CCD sensors which performs advanced image acquisition with high system throughput.

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