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FI-18 & Fi-6 Series – Verification Station
InScan FI-18 & FI-6 AVI can be connected to multiple on line verification stations.

Each station enables the user to verify and mark inspected defects in parallel to the inspection process.
Each verification station is composed of desktop PC equipped with high quality LCD screen and unique verification software.

Verification Station advantages include:

  • Flexibility and Scalability
  • Each high throughput FI-18 & FI-6 AVI system can be connected to multiple Verification Stations, in according to the required throughput.

  • Specially designed user interface
  • The verification software includes friendly user interface, specially designed for operator's convenience and speed of operation, large defect display, and defect classification and user management.

  • QC real time reporting
  • Based on the operators' activities, production data is collected into a central database. The system analyzes the collected database and allows users to view real time reports on QC status, production trends and throughput.

    FI-6 Series – On Line Verification Option
    InScan FI-6 AVI has On Line verification option: the user is able to verify the defects on the inspection station at the end of the inspection process. On line verification option enable the user to expedite the inspection & verification cycle time and to save the board handling time. On line verification will prevent the additional potential board damage due to the extra handling.
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